1965 Ferrari 275 GTB short nose

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An all matching numbers example offered in superb condition thoughout

Subject of a fully documented, no expenses spared restoration

Ideal entrant for just about any major historic event

Offered with its original wheels and bumpers

One of Ferrari’s greatest masterpieces

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The Ferrari 275 GTB

By the time the 250 series was superseded in late 1964 by the timeless “275”, Pinin Farina was again called upon by the works to body shape what would become arguably one of the most beautiful road Ferrari of all times. With a long bonnet, plunging nose, highly desirable side vents, short, yet muscular tail, these were the ingredients that would result in a true legend of the prancing horse’s brand.
Now enlarged to 3.3 litres, the 60-degree V12 Colombo engine was delivering a 280 bhp at 7,600 rpm in its standard form.

Despite its near-perfect appearance in short nose configuration, considered by many to be the most beautiful variant of the model, revisions of the original shape came up rather shortly with a longer nose and enlarged rear window. Subsequently the 275 GTB/4 was introduced with a four-cam engine and retaining most of the long nose main visual aspects.

This Motorcar

The 275 GTB we are offering here is chassis 06721 and was manufactured for the Italian market in 1965. During that same year 06721 was supplied via official dealer Vecar Srl. and registered on May 11th with Roma license plates 832271. This example was originally equipped with the standard 3 carburetors set up, which it still retains today. Its original outside colour however was Grigio Argento. The original interior colour was nero, which the car still wears today.
During its homeland stay, 06721 was in the possession of 6 different owners, which was rather common for a large number of these automobiles back in the days. By 1970, the car was exported to Los Angeles – USA and sold to Excalibur Pacific followed by a number of private owners throughout the 70s. In late 1979, 06721 was still in California and listed by John Porter of Mar Vista in the Ferrari owner’s club roster.
In 1993 the car was auctioned in Danville, CA, with 38,900 miles indicated and already finished in Giallo Fly. Later that year, 06721 was acquired by George Weinstein, a neurosurgeon from Clarksville in West Virginia. Later in the 90s, the car would be acquired by Bob le Fluffy and Jerry Benzinger at which stage it went through a first mechanical rebuild of the original engine and transmission. At about the same time, a long nose was installed, meanwhile the original short nose was safely stored aside. Later on, the 275 GTB went through the hands of renowned collector Ed Niles, before it was acquired by Richard Longes of New South Wales in Australia. At this stage 06721 went through a painstaking and highly detailed restoration by Cavallino Motorsport, which included its short nose fitted back on and an installation of a competition roll bar, an outside fuel filler as well as an alloy competition gas tank.
Following its 10 year journey in Australia, 06721 was purchased by a noted Ferrari collector of Hong Kong who had it simultaneously stored and registered in the UK.
Subsequently, the car was purchased by the actual owner who has used it very sparingly.

In addition of being quite possibly the most sensibly priced 275 GTB to be offered today, 06721 is all matching numbers and offered with superb presentation as well as great mechanical sorting. It certainly is the perfect entrant for just any major historic event worldwide.

Photos by Stephan Bauer