1971 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider

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Chassis 14463

The 12th of just 121 original Daytona Spiders produced

Matching numbers throughout

One of only seven examples delivered in Bianco Polo Park

Recent world-class restoration by marque experts

Ferrari Classiche Certified

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The Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider

Owning a Daytona Spider meant something. It still does today, more than ever. Out of the 1,406 Daytonas produced between 1968 and 1973, only 121 were spiders; they were the official factory-built convertible versions of the car that a Cavallino article describes as “a sight to behold, mean looking and muscled, weaving dramatically on its overworked suspension, shaking and darting under heavy braking in a corner, literally pushing air and dirt aside, leaving a wake and making its own weather, loud as hell and scattering birds to the four winds.” Add the feeling of an open roof, the wind whipping one’s hair, the sun casting upon one’s face, and you had a car that was the Enzo of the 1970s, an ultimate Prancing Horse status symbol.

This race-car derivative borrowed the 4.4-liter, six-carburetor, V-12 engine from Ferrari’s race stable and added the five-speed transaxle for ultimate performance and control.
The engine would develop c. 352 hp, 318 foot-pounds of torque, and a flat-to-the-floor 278 km/h. The design was quintessential Pininfarina – a symbiotic union of raw machismo with graceful elegance.

“Breathtakingly beautiful from any angle, the following simplicity of the enormous hood, the impossible rake of the windshield, the surprise angle of the cut-off rear – It all worked together as a coordinate whole”
– Henry Rasmussen, automotive journalist –

This Motorcar

The Ferrari 365 GTS/4 ‘Daytona’ Spider we are offering here is chassis 14463 and was one of the first example to come out of the production line on September 1971. Chassis 14463 is the 12th of only 121 examples produced and was originally delivered in Bianco Polo Park 20-W-152 Salchi with Pelle Nera VM8500 and Rosso inserts via Modern Classic Motors of Reno, Nevada. Only seven Daytona Spiders were produced is such livery. The first owner was a Ferrari enthusiast based in Atlanta who kept the car for only a short time. It was subsequently sold to Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. The car was later on imported by him in the UK and registered 7HRH (acronym for “His Royal Highness). It is only in 1987 that the third owner, Ferrari collector Stanley Cohen of Connecticut, purchased 14463. Cohen kept the car for the next three decades with which he made sparing use. The car was repainted red during his ownership, as it was usually the case for many non-red-born Ferrari during those years. In the early 2000s world renowned Ferrari expert François Sicard rebuilt the engine, transmission and suspensions. Before parting with the car, Cohen had further works done to 14463 at Ferrari dealer Miller Motorcars of Greenwich, CT; of which invoices are included in the file. In 2008 the car was acquired by another Ferrari collector, David Saunders, also from Connecticut.

Over the next eight years Saunders had the car serviced multiple times at Ferrari specialists. More recently 14463 was purchased by its fifth and current owner.
At this stage 14463 got embarked into a bare metal restoration, leaving no stones unturned. The decision was also made to return the car to its original and highly special colour livery, Bianco Polo Park. All work was carried out by Italian marque experts, regarded as some of the best people in the industry for classic Ferrari restorations. The work was completed in late 2018 and 14463 was only test driven since then. This immaculate example of the Daytona Spider represents today one of the most special and best restored examples of its kind, accompanied with an important set of maintenance records and period photographs since the first owner! 14463 is an ideal entrant for all major concourses and would enhance any significant Ferrari collection. The current registration ‘GTS 4D’ is included.

UK registered.